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Wedding Ceremony Agreement & Contract

Copyright Nicholas Kurinzi 2015-2021

This Agreement, dated _________________, 20 _________ by and between Nicholas Kurinzi (hereinafter called the Officiant) and

________________________________________________ (bride) ___________________________________________(groom),

hereinafter called the Couple) agree as follows:

 1. The Officiant shall perform a marriage ceremony for the Couple on the __________ day of _____________________________,

20______ at ___________________ (time of day) and at ___________________________________________________(facility)

located at ________________________________________________________________________________________________.

2. The Officiant warrants that he is a professional Officiant; recognized as a legally ordained minister; a notary; fully qualified to officiate at weddings in the State of Florida.

3. The Officiant will provide the following services for the fee of $______________ under the terms of this agreement. All additional services as listed below are discretionary to the Couple and must be agreed to and payment is due at the rehearsal or if no rehearsal, prior to the service.

4. The Officiant will work with the Couple by e-mail, telephone, Skype or in person for no more than an hour to allow them to prepare or choose their custom service. Officiant has sample services available for the Couple or the Couple may choose to modify the samples, create a ceremony or use one of their own choosing. The Officiant reserves the right to refuse any service that he is not comfortable performing, at which time a refund may be made to the Couple.

5. The Officiant shall arrive at the wedding location approximately 30 minutes prior to the time of the scheduled service.

 a. Officiant is prepared to dress in the manner that suits the style of your wedding, provided it allows him to present a dignified image in keeping with the character of the rite of matrimony. He has vestments that can be worn, if you desire that level of formality.

b. Service includes travel within 30 miles of Wesley Chapel, FL; the ceremony itself and time needed for post-ceremonial photography (maximum ½ hour photo time)

c. An agreed upon date prior to the ceremony for rehearsal will be billed at $30.00 per hour.

d. Attendance at pre and post wedding activities for blessings and prayer are dependent upon the availability of the Officiant

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6. In the event that the scheduled Officiant is unable to perform the Couple’s wedding ceremony due to illness, hospitalization, accident, transportation breakdown or other unforeseeable causes, he will make every attempt to arrange for another officiant licensed and qualified to perform weddings in the State of Florida. In such an event that no substitute is available, all monies paid by the Couple to the Officiant will be returned and the Couple hereby agrees that the Officiant will not be held liable for any damages (including punitive) due to the non-performance of the ceremony or function.

7. The Officiant gives permission to the Couple to use his likeness in any photographs, videos or other recording media in any manner for any purpose they wish. Likewise, the Couple gives permission to the Officiant to use their likeness in any photographs, videos or other media for marketing purposes. In consideration for these services, the Couple agrees as follows:

1. The Couple understands that they must obtain a valid marriage license from the appropriate jurisdiction for which the ceremony will be performed and shall provide such valid marriage license to the Officiant to review and execute at the rehearsal or prior to the ceremony. The Officiant cannot and will not perform a marriage ceremony without receiving the appropriate valid marriage license prior to the ceremony.

2. Upon presenting a valid marriage license to the Officiant, the Couple will sign the official marriage certificate. The responsibility of filing this certificate with the county clerk’s office is solely that of the Officiant. The Officiant is legally obligated to return the completed license to the County Clerk’s office where the License was obtained by the Couple within 10 days of the wedding ceremony.

3. This agreement is valid for the wedding service for the place and date stated above. Any change to time, place or date must be agreed to in advance by the Officiant and may be subject to additional fees. The Couple realizes that the Officiant performs other ceremonies for other Couples and that excessive lateness or change in time can create a serious conflict in the Officiant’s schedule. If the Couple changes the time or date of the scheduled ceremony without the Officiant’s consent, the Officiant reserves the right to cancel the performance of the ceremony and shall in no way be held responsible or liable in any manner for such non-performance.

4. The Couple agrees to pay the Officiant the ceremony performance fee as listed above plus any additional agreed upon services or unusual travel expenses not listed above. To reserve the date, a non-refundable retainer of $25.00 shall be remitted with this agreement. The remaining balance is due prior to the ceremony.

 5. Fees are based upon the amount of service time agreed upon above. If the service or rehearsal go beyond an hour, the Couple agree to pay the Officiant $25.00 per hour for all additional time. These additional fees are due and payable prior to the signing of the marriage license.

6. The Couple accepts responsibility for purchasing items needed to perform the ceremony (unity candles, sand, roses, broom, hand fasting cord, etc.) unless previously stated.


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This agreement and any attachments constitute the entire agreement between the parties and may not be modified except in writing signed by both parties. No other representatives or promises have been made except those that are set out in this agreement. If any part of this agreement is adjudged to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the remaining parts shall not be affected and shall remain in full force and effect.

IN WITNESS HERE, the undersigned have executed this Wedding Ceremony Agreement as of the date stated above.

Date: _________________________________                    Date:__________________________________

Bride: ________________________________                     Groom:________________________________

Address :______________________________                     Address _______________________________
City: __________________________________                    City: __________________________________

State/Zip: _____________________________                     State/Zip: ______________________________
Phone: _______________________________                      Phone: _________________________________

Signature: _____________________________                     Signature ______________________________

Email:  ________________________________                    Email: _________________________________



Nicholas Kurinzi, Officiant

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