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Wedding Ceremony Samples

Below you will find a collection of wedding ceremony samples, which will help you and your fiance build your dream wedding.

Example of a Traditional Ceremony Showing Each Component

Sample Notary Ceremony

Sample Traditional Non-Denominational Ceremony

Sample Standard Christian Wedding Ceremony

Sample Traditional Christian Wedding Ceremony (Non-Denominational)

Sample Traditional Christian Ceremony

Sample Faith Based Ceremony

Sample Vow Renewal Ceremony
Sample Bride/Bride Wedding Ceremony

Alternative script choices:

* These sections are in Traditional Wedding Ceremonies

15 Questions to Ask Before Writing Your Vows

Opening Words and Introduction*

Giving Away the Bride*

Those With Us In Spirit*

Readings, Poems*
Hands Ceremony*
Declaration of Consent (“I Do’s”)*

Introduction to the Exchange of Vows*
Exchange of Wedding Vows*

Introduction to the Exchange of Rings*
Exchange of Wedding Rings*
Blessing of the Rings *

Blessing of the Marriage*
Pronouncement of Marriage*

Presentation of Couple*

Wedding Prayers and Blessings*


Non-Denominational Christian Readings

Poetry Readings

Other Readings

Additional Script Choices:

Affirmation of the Community
Blessing to the Four Directions

Breaking the Glass
Bride and Groom Thank You​​
Cord of Three Strands Ceremony - "God's Knot"

Chuppah Ceremony
Handfasting Ceremony

Jumping the Broom
Love Letter and Wine Box Ceremony
Mother’s Rose Ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony

Ribbons, Doves, Butterflies & Bubbles
Ring Warming Ceremony

Rose/Flower Ceremony

Sand Ceremony
Seven Blessings

Tree Planting Ceremony
Veil, Cord, Coins
Wine Ceremony