Wedding Ceremony Samples

Below you will find a collection of wedding ceremony samples, which will help you and your fiance build your dream wedding.

Example of a Traditional Ceremony Showing Each Component

Sample Notary Ceremony
​Sample Civil Ceremony

Sample Traditional Non-Denominational Ceremony

Sample Playful Non-Denominational Ceremony

Sample Mildly Religious Ceremony
Sample A Religious Ceremony

Sample Standard Christian Wedding Ceremony

Sample Traditional Christian Wedding Ceremony (Non-Denominational)

Sample Traditional Christian Ceremony

Sample Faith Based Ceremony

Sample Vow Renewal Ceremony
Sample Bride/Bride Wedding Ceremony

Put Your Wedding Script Together 

* These sections are required in a Florida ceremony

15 Questions to Ask Before Writing Your Vows

Opening Words and Introduction

Giving Away the Bride

Those With Us In Spirit

Readings, Poems
Hands Ceremony
Declaration of Consent (“I Do’s”)*

Introduction to the Exchange of Vows*
Exchange of Wedding Vows*

Introduction to the Exchange of Rings*
Exchange of Wedding Rings*
Blessing of the Rings 

Blessing of the Marriage
Pronouncement of Marriage

Presentation of Couple

Wedding Prayers and Blessings


Non-Denominational Christian Readings

Poetry Readings

Other Readings

Additional Script Choices:

Affirmation of the Community
Blessing to the Four Directions

Breaking the Glass
Bride and Groom Thank You​​
Cord of Three Strands Ceremony - "God's Knot"

Chuppah Ceremony

Gods Knot Ceremony
Handfasting Ceremony

Jumping the Broom
Love Letter and Wine Box Ceremony
Mother’s Rose Ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony

Ribbons, Doves, Butterflies & Bubbles
Ring Warming Ceremony

Rose/Flower Ceremony

Sand Ceremony
Seven Blessings

Tree Planting Ceremony
Veil, Cord, Coins
Wine Ceremony

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